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Almost three months have passed since Chile’s record-setting earthquake; 8.8 on the Richter scale, more than 2 and a half minutes of agonizing length, and followed within the next couple of hours by several horrific tsunamis. On that February 27, 2010, the world stopped for

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Realizing I probably would not ever see the wireless mouse I lost in my disorderly retreat from the Alonzo de Ercilla Hotel in Concepcion the morning of the big earthquake in Chile (see posting on this blog on 5/6/10), I reluctantly went to Staples near


THE LAST PISCO SOUR In the departure lounge of the Santiago international airport (“Pudahuel” to us old-timers, and “Arturo Merino Benitez* officially), they recently put a wonderful bright sign up over the bar that declared to all travelers leaving Chile “The last pisco sour!” It

Loanco (2010) Photo: DJoslyn


On February 28, the day after the earthquake that shook and hammered the central south of Chile, Ximena, her mother, and I returned to Santiago . We, like many others in Santiago, suffered some damage to our 8th floor apartment but nothing, really, compared to

Earthquake in Chile

EARTHQUAKE IN CHILE – 2010 Personal Experience Whenever Ximena and I spend time in Chile, she plans a relaxing week away from the bustle of Santiago with her mom, at one of Chile’s lovely and popular pre-montain thermal spas. This provides a respite for me,

Why this blog?

For almost fifty years, since I traveled to Santiago, Chile, to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer working in forestry sector development, Chile and I have formed a wonderful partnership. I have repeatedly worked in Chile, traveled extensively throughout the beautiful country from Arica to