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2018: Loose Ends

3 thoughts on “2018: Loose Ends”

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    Carl Gallegos says:

    Don David – Gustazo recibir noticias tuyas! And happy to hear that you and Ximena will be heading south for the Chilean summer.

    Enjoyed reading your centenary edition of Astute and entertaining commentary re Chile’s political and apolitical scene, per usual.

    Safe and happy travels to Chile Lindo. I look forward to reading your centenary+1 edition of Un abrazo!

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    Lee Baker says:

    Dave, always a pleasure to receive your blog. Heartiest congrats on 100!! Let me work with you on the book.


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    Nedandnormabenner says:

    Dave: Bon voyage a tu segunda patria. Ayer comentamos del blog tan interesante de tus observaciones acerca de ese “largo y bello país” como le anotó el de La Casa Blanca a Piñeira.

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