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Barrancoso River

Carretera Austral….Go now!! (Complete Version)

It was still dark when the alarm sounded in our first floor room of the Zafiro Hotel located in the small village of Pelluco, overlooking Puerto Montt Bay.  Joaco and I were sharing a room, and two of Joaco’s brothers, Claudio and Gonzalo, were in another

Zorba, Xenia and Nostos—Alive and Well in Crete

“Teach me to Dance!” he cried to Alexis Zorba, drenched in failure but enlightened by a freed spirit.  Stiff and scholarly Basil finally succumbed to Alexis Zorba’s exuberance and would now begin to pursue life in a way he never thought possible.  I have watched

Reading the Tees in Haiti

Before last week, I had been in Haiti twice, each time as a development officer working for USAID. Once I went to visit the agriculture development program, run at the time by my friend Vince, and another time to sort out a food aid problem.

Chile in Manhattan

Chile in Manhattan There are two places in New York City where you can experience Chile. I had heard about both of them, so recently when Ximena and I had a day to explore Manhattan, we decided to check them out. Tucked away on the

Chile Walks with St. Anthony

St. Anthony (San Antonio) seems to be in our lives a lot these days. I am not sure why this is, but maybe it is because St. Anthony was reportedly a saint “of the people”, and after all is said and done, we at times