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June 6, 1970

As I recall, albeit through the haze of an all night bachelor’s outing with several friends, Saturday, June 6, 1970, was a lovely, clear, crisp day. But mostly, it defined the future: a half century of adventure, love, celebration, learning, teaching, and sharing.

With a magnificent view of the Andes mountains lording over Santiago, Chile’s capital city, family and friends gathered at the Santos Angeles Custodios chapel in the Providencia neighborhood just a few blocks from the home of Ana Luisa Gonzalez and Claudio Fernandez, for the marriage of their daughter Luisa Maria Ximena to an American Peace Corps Volunteer, David William Joslyn, son of Stella Simonelli and William Joslyn of Penn Yan, NY.









Fifty years, three wonderful children and six magnificent grand kids later, today celebrates that very special day, and invites you all to celebrate along with us.



Cheers and Peace.

Ximena & Dave

Posted in Leesburg, Virginia, on June 6, 2020.

D. Joslyn











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David Joslyn
David Joslyn, after a 45-year career in international development with USAID, Peace Corps, The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and private sector consulting firms, divides his time between his homes in Virginia and Chile. Since 2010, David has been writing about Chile and Chileans, often based upon his experience with the Peace Corps in Chile and his many travels throughout the country with family and friends.
David Joslyn

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23 thoughts on “June 6, 1970”

  1. Avatar
    Melica Heuser says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to you!! What a milestone!! And a BEAUTIFUL family!! ❤️ You guys are the best.

  2. Avatar
    Andrea says:

    Love you both so much! Hope you have a wonderful celebration! Andrea, Mark, Erik and Alex

  3. Avatar
    Mack A. Storrs says:

    Congratulations to you both!! You’ve had a wonderful life.

  4. Avatar
    Carmen Barros Howell says:

    Felicitaciones a esta pareja maravillosa, siempre listos para ayudar, festejar y pasarlo lo mejor posible. Estoy muy agradecida de ser parte de tu vida.
    Un fuerte abrazo y besos.

  5. Avatar
    John and Blanca Hager says:

    50 years and going strong! It seems like yesterday. Thanks for all our great memories together, and have a wonderful celebration today. John, Blanca and Christopher

  6. Avatar
    Michael Hirsh says:

    ¡Felicitaciones! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. What a lovely family. Thanks for the friendship over the 40+ years that we’ve known each other. All the best for many more years of happiness together.

    1. Avatar
      Lynn Walker says:

      Congratulations Ximena and Dave for 50 years of love and devotion!! Oh, the places you’ve been and the sites you have seen! And raised an amazing family along the way. Stay healthy and safe! So happy to be part of your lives along the way. Love, Lynn and Jim

  7. Avatar
    Blanca Hager says:

    You got the virus. The virus of Love! And it extends to your family and friends all over the world. Congratulations, dear friends! We wish you many more wonderful anniversaries.
    The Hagers

  8. Avatar
    Caco says:

    Muchas Felicidades Tíos, son una gran y linda pareja que han formado una maravillosa familia!!

    Desde Chile y junto a Cata y los niños les enviamos muchos cariños y les agradecemos toda la guía, consejos y amistad que siempre nos han entregado.

    Hoy haremos un salud, con un buen vino Chileno, recordándolos a la distancia!

    Orienter – Sotomayor

  9. Avatar
    Nicolo Gligo Viel says:

    Muchas felicidades a ambos desde nuestra cuarentena en Santiago.
    Gloria y Nicolo

  10. Avatar
    Nicolo Gligo Viel says:

    Muchas felicidades desde nuestra cuarentena en Santiago
    Gloria y Nicolo

  11. Avatar
    Lee Baker says:

    50 years. Congratulations! So glad Susie and I have been able to share some of it with Ximena and you.
    The Bakers.

  12. Avatar
    Lee Baker says:

    50 years. Congratulations! So glad Susie and I have been able to share some of it with Ximena and you.
    The Bakers

  13. Avatar
    Rosy says:

    Felicidades a una de mis parejas favoritas.
    Los quiero como familia, les deseo un Aniversario lleno de bendiciones y Chin-Chin!

  14. Avatar
    Jesse and Gloria Dubin says:

    Ximena and Dave–Felicitaciones! What a wonderful, adventurous 50 years! Have many years more and
    a great weekend. Enjoy the lovely album and the memories. Abrazos, Gloria and Jesse

  15. Avatar
    Carl M. Gallegos says:

    Felicitaciones! May you have many more wonderful anniversaries together!

  16. Avatar
    JIM HOGAN says:

    Dear Dave and Ximena, What good news you bring in stressful times. It is heartening to see your photos; three generations of family begun 50 years ago. Congratulations !
    I send my best wishes to you both.
    Jim Hogan

  17. Avatar
    Fernando Osorio Molinski says:

    Queridos Ximena y David, mis cordiales saludos y felicitaciones por estos 50 años dr vida conjunta en paz y amor. Hemos compartido muchos dr esos años en diversos lugares y actividades y siempre con vuestro cariño y amistad. Los quiero mucho. Y les bendigo desde mi parroquia Santos Angeles Custodios desde donde ejerzo mi ministerio padtoral. Un abrazo

  18. Avatar
    Caco says:

    Muchas Felicidades Tíos, son una gran y linda pareja y han formado una maravillosa familia!

    Junto a Cata y los niños les enviamos muchos cariños y les agradecemos toda la guía y amistad entregada estos años, son un gran ejemplo de pareja.

    Con un buen vino Chileno los recordaremos hoy!!

    Orienter Sotomayor

  19. Avatar
    Mathew Henning says:

    Outstanding! Very impressive. What a great living legacy. My sincerest congratulations and best wishes for the whole family. From one of your transitory children — Chile Peace Corps Class of ‘77.

  20. Avatar
    Mary Fran Doyle and Art Flanagan says:

    Art and Mary Fran say:

    Felicidades y muchos anos mas! Su matrimonio ha sido un camino lleno de amor, risas, y aventuras. Thanks for having shared part of your journey with friends like us. We treasure those memories. Enjoy your special day.

  21. Avatar
    Peter Wadsworth says:

    Congratulations, Dave and Ximena !!

    Here´s to the next fifty years !!

    1. David Joslyn
      David Joslyn says:

      Thanks Peter. hanging in there.

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