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September Eleventh; An Agonizing Date for Both Chile and United States

7 thoughts on “September Eleventh; An Agonizing Date for Both Chile and United States”

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    Dave Fisk says:

    Dave: Thank you for sharing a thoughtful post on this most tragic of anniversaries for both countries. Your insights do much to make my vivid reflections of on-the-ground experiences on these two days, in two very different countries, very far apart – even more meaningful. Thanks again, and, to end on a different note “Felix dieceocho, caramba!”

    1. David Joslyn
      David Joslyn says:

      David: yes, once you get through the gloom of 9-11, you quickly immerse yourself in the celebratory “tiki…tiki…ti! Un abrazo.

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    Gary Wetterberg says:

    Thanks Dave. Well written and remindful summary. Appreciate the update tying together the topics that have occurred over the years; and, bringing back good memories of a delightful couple of years in La Ensenada.

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    Peter Wadsworth says:

    Thanks Dave.

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I sense that here in Chile the two tribes are more entrenched in their positions than they have been for quite a while.

    And back home, ni hablar. Let’s hope this period of craziness is just the birth pangs of a better world.

    Anyway, ¡Feliz dieciocho! ¡Tiqui-tiqui-tiiii!!

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    David Joslyn says:

    Note received from a reader:
    Dave, a good, balanced retrospective on the two 9/11s. As Piñera said yesterday, circumstances and context cannot justify the violation of human rights that took place under Pinochet. I would say the same for the bloody U.S. war in Iraq. As for our war in Afghanistan, it may have been justified at the beginning by 9/11, but we should have realized from history that it could go on and on.

    As for Chile, what many Chileans and others on the left have forgotten is that the country’s democratic institutions and economy were in unsustainable shambles by 9/11. The drive toward socialism by avowed Marxist-Leninists was intent on destroying capitalism by whatever means necessary. Of course the momios were not going to give up easily, and they were intent on defending their system by other means, including U.S. help and, in the end, military intervention. That intervention of course, went way overboard in cruel and bloody ways.

    If the Marxist-Leninists (Socialists and Communists) had prevailed, would Chile have devolved into a one-party dictatorship like Cuba’s? Maybe not, but we’ll never know.

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    Dave Fisk says:

    Dave: Have you written on your late-life plan to split your time between the US and Chile? How is this working out? Why did you decide to do this?, etc. It would be interesting to see your insights.

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    ned and norma benner says:

    Dave: We look forward to your insightful blogs and you have once more delivered. Thank you. Shameful episodes in the history of two countries, but really shame on all of us. Paraphrasing FDR, a day that will live in infamy September 11. Abrazos, Norma y Ned

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