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Chile’s Election; Stumbling to the Finish

3 thoughts on “Chile’s Election; Stumbling to the Finish”

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    Albert Howlett says:

    Thanks Dave. I was hoping we would hear from you both before and after Sunday. And so we will!

    Indeed, this is a close election.

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    Warren Howell says:

    Good piece, Dave, written masterfully as usual. I didn’t realize the election is as close as you’re saying. You’re probably right–that Pinera will win–but I think he will probably do better than “squeak in.” Vamos a ver.

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    Tom Catterson says:

    Hi David,

    Well done, as always, insightful and well written. I wish that our politicians, especially the Democrats, would recognize what you spoke about, that “the age old the age old struggle between the socio and the economic; the discourse at times ignores the fact that real development must focus on, and blend, both. We need more than the faithful opposition; we need leadership that focuses on what needs to be done to restore the social balance, for both the poor and the middle class. Opposing the mistakes that Trump and Co. are making is not enough. It leaves you in the shadow of those mistakes. I wonder how people from the developing world would feel if they were to tour this country and see what we are experiencing….spreading poverty, racism, crime, violence against women, environmental decay (at least to a point)…or even just ride through the neighborhoods of bigger cities like Tampa where the decay is spilling out onto the street. We don’t need to win partisan battles; we need to identify and confront national issues. David, thanks as always for getting me thinking….Viva Chile Tom

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