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Piñera and Guillier to the Runoff

6 thoughts on “Piñera and Guillier to the Runoff”

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    Ron Bodinson says:

    Thoroughly astute as always. Thanks. Ron

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    Tom Catterson says:

    Hi David,

    I have to ask myself if anyone in the US Embassy in Santiago has such great insight into the Chilean political scene and/or the interest? Given the current state of the US Government, you have to wonder whether they could muster the commitment and energy for such an in-depth understanding. Bravo, your analysis touches on the many sides of the political scene in Chile, it renews our well-founded “simpatia” for this wonderful country we once called home. Viva Chile. Tom

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    Jim Hogan says:

    Hi Dave,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your detailed analysis. Best wishes, Jim

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    norma benner says:

    Dave: Thanks for transporting us to the political workings of your second home country, Chile. Your passion, insights, and interesting writing are a tribute to the land of the Mapuche. And to your abiities to convey –what appears to be — a much more civilized process than the one that elected the present resident of the White House.

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    El Gringo de Yumbel says:

    Thanx Dave. How fortunate we were to be chosen to go to Chile. We just went with our son and family to choose & cut an Xmas tree in Sonoma Cty, CA. One of the five species for sale was Monterey pine (Pinus radiata) The owner said they do the best in the heat and dry summers, but suffer from two diseases that we never heard of in Yumbel. Our son chose a Douglas fir.

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    Warren Howell says:

    Dave: Another excellent piece on Chile and its wonderful people. I don’t know how you do it, keeping all the moving parts in motion but slowing them enough to take a clear picture of Chilean politics.

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