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Sebastián Piñera; President of Chile, Again?

11 thoughts on “Sebastián Piñera; President of Chile, Again?”

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    Bill Long says:

    Dave, this is a solid scene-setter for the Chilean elections, though I doubt that you expect your comparison between Piñera and Trump to be taken seriously. I’m glad you found the opportunity to ask Piñera about the violence in Araucanía.
    Saludos, Bill

    1. David Joslyn
      David Joslyn says:

      Bill, more tongue in cheek than serious, but the issues that result from the mix of billionaire wealth, business acumen, conservative social beliefs, and desire for a minimalist government seem to swirl like concentric circles around the two men, even though there are some significant differences (such as, one has nuclear weapons, the other doesn’t). Let’s see how each evolve. Hopefully, both, and greatly. Dave

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    Joe Keefe says:

    I enjoyed your commentary Dave- too bad you don’t look like Cecilia Vega.

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    Lee Baker says:

    Dave, interesting as usual. What has surprised me so far with the campaign is how poorly the Christian Democrat candidate, Carolina Goic, is doing in the polls — about 5% of probable voters.

    Best to you and Ximena,


    1. David Joslyn
      David Joslyn says:

      I suspect a large part of Goic’s support comes from the more conservative right wing of the PDC. Those folks don’t have to compromise too much to poll for Piñera, whom they would most likely vote for in a second round in December if no candidate wins the first round. The more left-thinking Christian Democrats are probably polling for Guillier, and many would vote for him should he be in a second round runoff. The perennial problem of the center straddling PDC. The PDC party could use some rejuvenation; Goic is trying to get that process going. Regards, DJ.

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        Lee Baker says:

        A far cry from the 25-30% Tomic received in the three-way 1970 election.

        1. David Joslyn
          David Joslyn says:

          Right. 28% to be exact. Things have changed; so have the rules. PDC has lost a lot of support, but you know, if the present rules about getting a majority of the votes cast to win were valid back then, Allende and Allesandri would have gone to a runoff election in 1970. Not a valid comparison, though, because with today’s rules, the voters would probably have voted differently in the first round in 1970. PDC having a hard time reconciling the “D” with the “C”. Sometimes they even have trouble with the “P”!!

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    Gary Wetterberg says:

    Interesting commentary Dave. Thanks for sharing.

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    Floyd Thompson says:

    Nice analysis Dave. Good insights and writing.

    1. David Joslyn
      David Joslyn says:

      Thanks, Floyd. When are you and Linda going for a visit to Chile?

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    Albert Howlett says:

    Hey Dave,

    Thanks for this update. I mostly remember Pinera from the dramatic rescue of the 33 miners.

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